Essentials 27

Titel USB Stick 2022 „Essentials 27“

1 Springhill Desaster From Celtic To Rock
2 Mary Mac From Celtic To Rock
3 Bonnie Ship The Diamond From Celtic To Rock
4 For One Ireland For One Ireland
5 Days Of The Great Famine For One Ireland
6 The Town I Loved So Well For One Ireland
7 Red Lark For One Ireland
8 Cast A Cold Eye Boys From The Ruhr
9 Boys From The Ruhr Boys From The Ruhr
10 Go Move Shift Birds&Beasts
11 Wings Of A Gull Birds&Beasts
12 Maids On The Shore Birds&Beasts
13 Wild West Wind Birds&Beasts
14 The Three Ravens Birds&Beasts
15 Rocky Road To Dublin Birds&Beasts
16 The Gael Dragonfly
17 Ready For The Storm Original
17 Fields Of Athenry Original
17 Gillies Original
20 Ballivanich Back Home
21 Wandering Angus Back Home
22 Keys To Your Heart Back Home
23 Sleepy Maggie / Intro Back Home
24 Toss The Feathers Toss the Feathers
25 Oro Beathe Baila Toss the Feathers
26 Tri Martolod Toss the Feathers
27 Hearts Of Olden Glory Toss the Feathers